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Distressed Crimefighteress

Saluting D.C. Comics Peril-Prone Heroines

You're probably thinking that "Distressed Crimefighteress" is a bit of a mouthful. I'd have to agree but it's the best acronym for D.C. that I could come up with. I considered "Dangerprone Chicks" and "Damsels Captured" but neither sounded likely to convey what this page is all about. So unwieldy or not I've made my choice. Why single DC out in particular? Quite simply when I was younger they had all my favourite characters which is why I have so many DC comics cluttering up my basement. I've largely given up on superheroes and heroines. These days I read things like Cerebus, Bone, Preacher, The Invisibles and other adult comics and graphic novels. But I retain a certain fondness for the comics you'll find on this site. So what's in here you ask? Covers and some contents scanned from my comic collection, most of them dating back to the seventies. Ah, the glorious seventies when comics were a quarter and heroines got themselves into tight scrapes a lot more regularly than their male counterparts. What you won't find is sex and nudity, everything in here was sold on newstands at grocery and drug stores across North America after being approved by the Comics Code. Which, incidentally, was a lot stricter back then that today. But I realize some people will consider this site politically incorrect. If you think scenes of fictional characters in danger will offend you there's a simple solution. Don't look at it, don't proceed any further, don't follow the link and use your browser to find something else to look at. On the other hand if you enjoy the fantasy of heroines getting into and out of perilious situations then

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